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How to Choose the Right Keyword

Senin, Februari 08, 2010 | komentar

Sorry Bro..!! kali ini postingan aku so pake bahasa inggris juga ne..padahal aku aja belum ngerti banget artinya ape..hehe, tapi ga apalah kalie aja ada temen2 yg mahir ngartiin ini bahasa, ya sekedar share bagaimana cara memilih keyword yg benar hingga nantinya blog kita bisa cepat terlacak oleh teman2 blogger ngerti loe..

Keyword research is absolutely essential when marketing on the internet. If you want to hit the the internet marketing jackpot, become an expert at keyword research. Choosing the right keywords will make or break your marketing campaigns. There is an extensive amount of research that goes into choosing the right keywords. If you take the time and do it right, you can dominate the search engine top rankings. Just think about dominating the first page of sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you want to become an internet marketing expert, you need to make the search engines your best friend.

Always think about what will make the search engines happy. Give them what they want. They want to make their customers happy by giving them what they are looking for. When someone does a search on their sites, they want to give their customers exactly what they are searching for. That's where you come in. If your provide good content or ads, your information could show when someone searches for it. Wether you are using pay per click advertising, or search engine optimization, keyword research will make or break your marketing efforts. Do it right and you will have a flood of traffic daily to your website and also dominate the search engine top rankings.

So what is the exact process when choosing keywords?

First of all there isn't an exact cut in stone process to keyword research. There are many tools and theories as to how to do it right. There are paid tools and free tools that you can use. The paid tools will give you more accurate data than the free tools, but the free one's can still give you good enough data to work with.

There are two major types of keywords. Short-tailed and long tailed. Example of short-tailed (online business). Example of long-tailed (I want to start an online business in my spare time). As you can see, short-tailed are generic and not very specific. It's also extremely difficult to rank in the search engine top rankings with short-tailed keywords. Long-tailed are more specific and you have a better chance at ranking higher in the search engines because less people are using them.

There are some guidelines to use that will hep you with doing your keyword research more effectively.

First of all go to Google and type in a search with your keyword in quotes (quotes means an exact keyword). After you type in your search, go to the number next to "results." A good guidline to follow when using seo is to provide content that has less than 50,000 search results. This will be your best chance to rank high in the search engines with your content. Anything more than 50,000 becomes hard to rank on the first page of the search engines because there is already so much content out there. This is also a good guideline to follow when using pay per click marketing. The lower the search results for keywords, the less you will pay per click.

Other tools to use are Wordtracker and Google's keyword research tool. When you type in your keyword, you can see how many people search for it on a daily and monthly basis. This will tell you if it's even worth using. The paid version of Wordtracker will give you more accurate results, but the free version is a good start. A good guideline to follow that will give you the best chance of a high ranking in the search engines is to use keywords that are searched 10-30 times a day. It's still important to use the search results guide of 50,000 when doing your research. Sometimes you will find keywords that are searched more than 30 times a day and have less than 50,000 search results. Those are a gold mine!

Your best chance at high search engine rankings is to use keywords that are searched 10-30 times a day and have less than 50,000 search results.

There's another key to look for when doing keyword research. Always check to see if there are ads on the right side of the page when you search for your term. If you see ads, chances are your keyword is profitable because people are using them in the pay per click marketing campaigns. This isn't necessarily always the case but it's a good guideline to follow. The more ads that show, the more profitable the keyword.

Choosing keywords is a science that's still being researched today. There are always changes being made, but these are good guidelines to follow. Always remember when doing your research to follow the 50,000 results maximum, the 10-30 visits a day average, and pay attention to see if ads are showing for your searches. If you follow these guidelines, your content will have a good chance of making it to the search engine top rankings. Your costs with pay per click marketing will be alot less as well. Now go out there and make the search engines your best friend. They will reward you tremendously for your efforts.
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